Welcome to the first ever worldwide business run! 

Date: September 5th – 11th

Distance: 5K & 10K

We want to get your company to the starting line for this event because BUSINESSES KEEP ON RUNNING. August 5th, 2020 marks the starting signal for a sense of unity on the track which will also strengthen your team spirit in the everyday office life. Whether you are a five-person company or represented worldwide on all continents doesn’t make a difference.

Joining the BUSINESS RUN your company shows that together, you can overcome even turbulent times of crises and that goals can be achieved in cooperation and with team spirit. Because #businesseskeeponrunning! With your participation in the BUSINESS RUN you do much more than just setting an example in the crisis. It is the ideal opportunity to unitedly achieve a goal, even if not all employees are in the same place. The outlook on the future is positive and team spirit will lead you to your aim – both in the race and beyond. Whether your’re an employee, trainee or manager doesn’t matter, because everyone has an equal stake in carrying the mission forward. In addition to boosting morale, you’ll have a great opportunity to present yourself at an international level.

We increase the power because your company can now compete in sports with other companies around the world. Registration is easy; each runner registers on their own and joins your company team. The timing is easily adaptable to a working schedule, because your employees have seven days to complete the given distance. Last but not least, this kind of BUSINESS RUN is environmentally and climate-friendly, as you do not have to travel by car.

Be there when the starting signal fires for the first worldwide company run because COMPANIES KEEP ON RUNNING – virtually – worldwide – together!

All advantages at a glance:

  • cross-locational & independent of company site
  • time-flexible due to 7-day time slot for running
  • environmentally & climate friendly
  • strengthening the team spirit across cities, countries and continents
  • presenting your company on a global level


You’re feeling isolated and you’re missing…

• … your colleagues & the team spirit
• … physical exercise & challenges
• … joint team building events

Cheer up, we have a remedy!

• Click on www.we-keep-on-running.com and register for the Business Run.
• Become part of the worldwide Business Run community.

Share the spirit and…

• …tell your colleagues & friends about our event.
• …finally present yourselves as a team again.
• …motivate each other to achieve the goal.
• …run or walk the distance within the time frame of one full week.

You reached the goal!

• Celebrate yourselves and your company!
• Everyone gets their own finisher certificate.
• Lots of interesting special rankings.
• Share your success!


Register for the Business Run.

• Sign up at www.we-keep-on-running.com with at least two other colleagues.
• Print out the bib number from your confirmation email and wear it when you run. Order the limited edition World Business Run medal and/or t-shirt to reward yourself.

Start the first ever worldwide Business Run at your own doorstep.
• The time frame for finishing the run is open for the entire week, so you can decide yourself when you want to run.
• Track your personal time for the chosen distance with your smartwatch or a tracking app on your phone.
• Matter of honour: Everyone runs on their own so please be honest in measuring your time for the sake of sportsmanlike behaviour.
• >> More info on ‚How do I track my run?‘

Let us know your results after the race.
• You’ll find your upload link in the confirmation email after the registration. Following this link you can upload your time on the day of your run before the time slot of one week is closed.
• Send us a screenshot of your app or a picture of your smartwatch screen with the according proof of your time.
• We’re happy to see shared pictures of your run on social media!

Look at your ranking. 
• On our website www.we-keep-on-running.com you can find your personal results after the race once everyone has finished.
• There will be different rankings – national, international, and many more.
• Print out your personalized finisher certificate at home – well done!


Basic Package for $ 5 includes:

– bib number to print out at home
– compilation of the list of results & rankings
– online finisher certificate for you to download
– a joint event with runners from all over the world

Limited Edition Finisher Medal

Order an additional limited edition Business World Run medal for $ 10 (shipping and handling costs may apply).

World Business Run T-shirt

Order a limited edition Business World Run finisher shirt for $ 17,50 (shipping and handling costs may apply).

* For countries which are not in the European Union or with which there is no free trade agreement: Depending on the recipient’s country, small import fees may apply which have to be paid to the respective parcel delivery company.

COVID-19 Note: In some countries there are limited postal deliveries which may delay delivery. We start sending orders 10-14 business days before the event.


Time limitations

1. Run the distance on the designated days of the event (Sep 5th: start at 00:00 a.m. // Sep 11th: end at 23:59 p.m.).
2. Should you track a shorter distance than chosen and registered for, we are unfortunately obliged to disqualify you (DNF).
3. Should you run a little farther than chosen and registered for, we will still take your tracked time.
4. You will be added to the company ranking when at least three colleagues of your company participate.

5. The upload of your time must happen on the days of the event (11:59 p.m.).
6. The results and certificates will be available on the following day when all countries are at the finish.


1. Take enough water with you on your run.
2. Pay attention and adhere to the current legal provisions concerning freedom of movement..
3. Only participate when you feel fit and healthy.

Registration – Business Run