Break-Your-Limits Run 2020

What’s the Break-Your-Limits Run all about? Everyone has their own limits but where’s the fun in staying within these boundaries, where’s the challenge if you don’t try to break them? We want to do more than just achieve our mission in keeping you running. We would love to see you run longer, further and faster and have your personal records beat by yourself.

Improve your top performance, tackle new course records on your home track and grow beyond what you thought was possible. Because our mission of October 18th, 2020 will be: BREAK YOUR LIMITS! 

The Break-Your-Limits Run is not your usual virtual race. Because how do you break your records? The answer is: by not limiting yourself to a set distance. With this race you can do exactly that. Because it is only during your run that you decide where your limits really lie and go for the exact distance you want to run in this competition. You still feel fit and fresh just before finishing the planned 10k? Then keep going and break your limits by adding one or more kilometers! Once you’re home in front of the computer or smartphone you let us know your time and distance you achieved today. Only full kilometers will count

1k-100k – all is possible!
Join us in the “Break-Your-Limits Run 2020” and make the impossible possible! It makes no difference whether you run 1km or 100km. Because today you decide during the run how far you’re running and for how long you fit enough to keep going. Everything is possible, as long as you go to your limits and grow beyond yourself! Therefore, you don’t have to choose a distance when you register online, but enter it afterwards. Please note that only full kilometres count (decimal figures are always rounded down).

Break your record!
You thought that a 10km run was your absolute limit? Maybe it is until now. Go for that distance this time again but just try to keep going! Because once you go beyond and break that personal barrier, the sky is the limit! Whether it’s 11km or even 20km, you’re beating your records. Use the “Break-Your-Limits Run 2020” to set new personal bests and run as far as never before because our mission is: Break Your Limits! You’re welcome to share your funniest, sweatiest or most proud pictures with our Facebook community!

Run faster than ever before!
You have found your favourite distance and discipline and really think you can’t run that route any faster? Then it’s time to reset your goals and sign up for the “Break-Your-Limits Run 2020”. Run your favourite track as fast as never before and set a new personal best. The finisher certificate will be sent to you afterwards and you can download it the day after the event on our results page. Your strongest opponent is your own head!

Basic package


  • bib number to print out at home
  • compilation of the list of results & rankings
  • online finisher certificate for you to download
  • a joint event with runners from all over the world

Have your success printed onto your t-shirt!
You have gone to your limits or even beyond and ran further or faster than ever before? Get your record printed onto your t-shirt: your distance and/or your personal best time for only 5€ extra. Of course you can also directly order the non-personalised Break-Your-Limits-Run t-shirt for 15€ upon registration.

Your personal finisher medal!
Get one of the limited Break-Your-Limits Run finisher medals for 6,-€ as a souvenir of your new breakthrough.

→ The packages will be shipped 5 days before the run at the latest or, in case you register shortly before the run, max. 72 hours after your registration.


– Register online for the Break-Your-Limits Run 2020. It doesn’t matter if you are a walker or a runner!
– The starting signal for the Break-Your-Limits Run 2020 is on October 18th, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. There will be a live kick-off on Facebook. Of course you can also start at your preferred time.

– Important: All results must be entered online by 23:59 on 18 October 2020. You will find the upload link in the confirmation email and in the “Last Info” mail. Aside from your measured time you have to enter your covered distance after the run! Only whole kilometres count. Decimals are always rounded down.
– Of course, you will also receive a printout bib number and an online certificate to print out at home with your registration confirmation email for the “Break-Your-Limits Run 2020”.


– The certificates will be sent to you by e-mail the next day. You will also find the certificates & the results lists online.
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Registration Break-Your-Limits Run 2020