Int. Business-World-Run Challenge 2020

Date: November 2nd – 15th. 

In July this year you baffled us with the outcome of our RUN AROUND THE WORLD CHALLENGE: You literally ran around the world more than twice (90.306km). Great performance! Now we want to go one step further and run the distance of 40.075km around the world again as often as possible, joined by you, your colleagues and companies!

This time the focus is on the different professions and not the companies.

With our BUSINESS-WORLD-RUN CHALLENGE 2020 we are not looking for the fastest company in your country, Europe or the world. This time it’s about your profession. Are marketing employees faster than IT people? Are housewives perhaps outrunning CEOs? And how will the pensioners fare? Take the opportunity to compete with your friends and work colleagues at the first BUSINESS-WORLD-RUN CHALLENGE 2020 and celebrate successes of your professional group together. Our mission is clear: Show us again how often we can make it around the world together if we all pull in unison! Run in the lead for your professional group and show the others how athletic teachers, scientists, mailmen, lawyers and mechanics really are.

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The Business-World-Run at a glance:

  • Log in and select your profession.
  • Run as often and as far as you can in the time frame of November 2nd to 15th.
  • Upload your times and kilometers run after each run.
  • Check out the results on November 16th.


  • Around the world: How far did we run together?
  • Ranking of professions: What distance did the different professional groups cover?
  • Individual classification: Who ran the most kilometers of all (M/F)?

Registration for the BUSINESS-WORLD-RUN CHALLENGE 2020 costs 9,50€. As usual, you will receive an individual version of your bib number to print out at home with your registration. You will have access to your and all results, you can follow the progress of our Business-World-Run team every day and you will receive a printable finisher certificate by e-mail after the end of the challenge. On it you will find your entire distance in km, your ranking among all runners and of course the entire distance of the Business-World-Run community! As a very special highlight the limited BUSINESS-WORLD-RUN medal is included in the package. So make your move fast because only the first 750 participants will receive one of these great souvenir medals.

Basic package

for 9,50 EUR

  • bib number to print out at home
  • compilation of ranking & results list
  • online finisher certificate to print out at home
  • finisher medal (incl. shipping)
  • a joint run with runners from all over the world

Premium Package

for 15,50 EUR

  • Limited edition Business-World-Run t-shirt
  • Business-World-Run finisher medal
  • compilation of ranking & results list

→ The packages will be shipped 5 days before the run at the latest or, in case you register shortly before the run, max. 72 hours after your registration.

How the Business-World-Run works:


There are only single applications for the BUSINESS-WORLD-RUN 2020. This means that you are very welcome to run together with your loved ones, colleagues or running groups, however, everyone has to register on their own as well as upload their respective finisher time individually.

You’ll receive a registration confirmation by email!

This email also includes your Business-World-Run bib number to print out as well as the upload link via which you can let us know your tracked personal time. Make sure to include a picture or screenshot of your running app or smartwatch.

On our Facebook page you will find lots of updates and info on our event (starting signal, warm-up, interim results). 

Go for a run or two or three…!
You can run as many kilometers for your profession and for the whole Business-World-Run crew as you can manage within the time frame of 02.11.2020 to 15.11.2020. Whether you run several times a day or once a week is up to you. But always remember: Every single kilometer counts in this challenge!

In case you’re unsure of how to track your time and distance, have a look at our support corner.


Upload your tracked time and distance!
In order to be able to show you where we stand and how much progress we are making on a daily basis, it is important that you enter your completed kilometers online directly after each run using the upload link in your registration confirmation. 

You’ll receive a finisher certificate!
At the end of the two weeks, on November 16, 2020, you will each receive your personal certificate! On it you will find your total distance covered, your ranking within your age group, the results of your profession and of course the total distance of our Business-World-Run team.


1. From Nov 02, 2020 until Nov 15, 2020 you run as often and as many kilometers as you can and want to. Every kilometer counts.
2. Upload the distance you have covered directly after each run using the upload link from your confirmation mail. 
3. We will keep you up to date on Facebook and on our homepage every day with an animated presentation of how many of the 40,075km we have already completed.
4. On Nov 16 you will receive your personal finisher certificate with distance, placement and the total distance via email.

Registration for the Business-World-Run