Hey there and welcome to the Oktoberfest Run 2020!

„We checked it out for you and what can we say – running in traditional Bavarian lederhosen and dirndl works perfectly and is tons of fun! Awesome!“

You thought the Oktoberfest of 2020 was cancelled? Well, the Wiesn in Munich might be but our OKTOBERFEST RUN on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020, certainly not! We’re tapping the cask of joy and celebrate the Oktober festivities in our own way. How could that be better than together with you? Grab your Bavarian style attire, collect your friends and family and come have the time of your life outside of the usual sitting in a fest tent emptying steins and dancing.

Instead, we suggest to have your own little Oktoberfest day at home with friends and family, weisswurst and pretzels, brass-band music and a jolly good time. To make up for the dancing – just go for a nice 5k or 10k run around the neighbourhood, infecting everybody with your good mood. Don’t hesitate, register now and get one of our great limited supply Oktoberfest goodie packages. Because we want to keep you running – together – online!


  • 5K Run
  • 10K Run
  • 15K Run

Participants who would rather walk can are of course welcome to join!

Traditional Bavarian-style garments welcome:

Aside from the usual f/m and age range rankings we will also draw five winners for a giveaway among those runners who finish their run in typical Bavarian outfits! (Post the picture on our Facebook page or send it to us in an email).

Basic package


  • bib number to print out at home
  • compilation of the list of results & rankings
  • online finisher certificate for you to download
  • a joint event with runners from all over the world

Gingerbread medal with pretzel

6,50 EUR 

  • exclusive gingerbread heart 
  • pretzel to enjoy after the run
  • shipping costs included

Oktoberfest Run sports t-shirt

13,50 EUR

  • get this exclusive running shirt at registration
  • shipping costs included



There is only single applications for the Oktoberfest Run. This means that you are very welcome to run together with your loved ones or running groups, however, everyone has to register on their own as well as upload their respective finisher time.

You’ll receive a registration confirmation by email!

This email also includes your Oktoberfest Run bib number to print out as well as the upload link via which you can let us know your tracked personal time.

Run your registered distance!

The Oktoberfest Run takes place on Oct 3rd, 2020. The joint starting signal is at 10 a.m. (CEST) but you can decide on your own when you want to run. Like this, you’re free to finish your chosen distance (5k/10k/15k) whenever it’s convenient for you within the time frame of 6 a.m. through 6 p.m on that date. Make sure to track your run with a running app on your smartphone or with your GPS watch and upload your tracked time on the day of the event via the upload link in your confirmation email. 

Let us know your tracked time!

Following the upload link which you can find in your personal confirmation email, you can upload the time you tracked for finishing your run on the day of the event. Make sure to include a screenshot from your app or photo of your smartwatch for proof. 

Receive your highlight finisher certificate afterwards!

Due to the fact that this is an international run, the results lists and finisher certificates will only be accessible on the following day of the event. You’ll get an automated email with your finisher certificate.

Time limitations

  1. Run the distance on the designated day of the event.
  2. Should you track a shorter distance than chosen and registered for, we are unfortunately obliged to disqualify you (DNF).
  3. Should you run a little farther than chosen and registered for, we will still take your tracked time.
  4. The upload of your time and picture proof must happen on the day of the event.


  1. Take enough water with you on your run.
  2. Pay attention and adhere to the current legal provisions concerning freedom of movement.
  3. Only participate when you feel fit and healthy.