Terms of participation

Terms of participation

for any virtual runs organised by GID Projects GmbH & Co KG, represented by the general manager


André Fenner

Bataverstr. 74a

41462 Neuss



registered with the commercial register of the Neuss local court, Germany, HRB 66563.


The following terms of participation regulate the legal relationship coming into existence between the party of the participant (hereafter referred to as ‘the participant’) and GID Projects GmbH & Co KG (hereafter referred to as ‘GID Projects’). Any divergent terms and conditions or oral agreements shall not be acknowledged by GID Projects or have to be agreed to in written form.


  • 1 Safety measures:


Participation is at one’s own risk and peril. The participant shall at all time during the virtual run consider and adhere to the behaviour rules and advice concerning the protection against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


  • 2 Medical safety:


Upon receipt of the registration documents and payment of entry fees, the participant confirms that the organiser has expressly recommended a medical check-up to clear potential health risks. By registering the participant states that no health concerns or medical conditions exist which would be against participation, that the participant is physically healthy and has exercised sufficiently.


  • 3 Registration – participation fee – terms of payment – refund


(1)     Registration will only take place online at www.lauf-weiter.de. With this registration the participant declares his unrestricted agreement.


(2)     The entry fee can be paid by SEPA direct debit mandate and has to be defrayed, either by direct debit mandate or by bank transfer after invoice, as of the day of the registration deadline at the latest. Should the payment not be made in due time, the organiser reserves the right to exclude the participant from the event. Registered participants must pay the entry fee according to the invoice, even if they cancel afterwards or do not start.


(3)    Fees resulting from incorrect bank details or returned direct debits will be charged to the participant in accordance with the bank charges.


(4)    The ordered participant shirt will be sent out before the day of the event, unless the registration is made on the day of the event itself.


(5)    Should a registered participant fail to take part in the virtual run without giving reasons or should they declare their non-participation to the organizer beforehand or be disqualified, no claim for repayment or refund of the participation fee shall exist.


  • 4 Disclaimer of liability:


Participation is at one’s own risk and peril.


  • 5 Acquisition and processing of data


(1)   The personal data given by the participant at registration will be saved and processed for purposes of the organisation and implementation of the event. This is effective in particular for the data required for payment transactions (§ 28 German Federal Data Protection Act, dt.: Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Additionally, the personal results of the run shall be saved and published for the compilation of a (historical) results database. By registering for the event the participant agrees to such storage of data for said purposes.


(2)     The participant agrees to the processing, storage and use of the personal data provided by the participant for the purpose of information and promotion of further events involving GID Projects GmbH & Co KG.


(3)     The personal data stored in accordance with paragraph 1 will be passed on to commercial third parties for the purpose of timekeeping, for the creation of the starter and result lists as well as for the online publication of these lists, provided the organiser has given his consent. By registering, the participant agrees to the storage and forwarding of the data for these purposes.


(4)     Surname, first name, year of birth, nationality, place, gender, if applicable club/company affiliation/team name, bib number and result (placement and times) of the participant will be printed or published for the presentation of starter and result lists in all relevant media accompanying the event. By registering, the participant agrees to the storage, publication and utilisation of personal data for this purpose.


(5)     The participant can object to the forwarding of his personal data as defined in the above paragraphs 3 to 6 by writing to GID Projects GmbH & Co KG or by sending an e-mail to info@gid-projects.de. In addition, the participant is entitled to block, correct or delete the data gathered during the event.


Contact for further inquiry:


GID Projects GmbH & Co KG

Bataverstr. 74a

41462 Neuss


Mail: info@gid-projects.de